Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Acrylic Solid Surfaces & Corian Company

Corian is the name given to a branded solid exterior, used as a surface for countertops.

Because of the superior manufacturing process, and use of advanced technology, this material has a level of strength and beauty that makes it perfect for many other purposes as well.

These include:

  • Table Tops
  • Interior Decoration & Wall Paneling
  • Bathroom & Sanitary Ware
  • Kitchen countertops

As a renowned corian company in Dubai, the product we provide comes in a variety of beautiful colors, all of which provide excellent resistance to marks and scratches.

Shades include:

  • Deep Black Quartz
  • Deep Night Sky
  • Deep Bedrock

Make Creative Visions Come True with Solid Surface Corian in Dubai

You and Eye has established itself as one of the leading Corian worktop providers. Specialized in the fabrication of solid surface in Dubai, with innovative technology and high-quality material, our professionals strive to meet your standards and exceed the performance through quality workmanship and timely delivery, making us your go-to Corian worktops company in Dubai.

Why You Should Utilize Corian Worktops in Dubai

Acrylic worktops are warm to the touch with excellent impact. A major appeal of Acrylic by You And Eye is its stunning look and seamless nature.

If you are a fan of versatile, elegant and durable worktops, solid surface Corian countertops could be your material of choice.

Providing several benefits which include:

  • Environment Friendly: This material is better for the environment compared to a range of other building materials and plastics. Their strength and durability makes them perfect for long-term use, cutting down on the need for replacement.
  • Non-Toxic: The kinds of plastics in our daily use can be toxic, especially if they are accessible to children. This material is based on technology and materials that make it totally safe for use.
  • Seamless Joints: You will not be able to see the places where the pieces of the material are joined together, because the special glue used for this purpose is coloured in the same shade as the material itself. This gives it a perfect overall look.
  • Durable: The material is a lot stronger than other products that have been used as panels and countertops for a long time. This makes it suitable for use where you need super-strong surfaces, such as bathroom surfaces and kitchen counters.
  • Easy to Install: The corian materials can be installed by a specialist in just one visit, or you can chose to do the same at home in a few easy steps.
  • Heat Resistant: The surface is heat resistant and can remain unaffected by high temperatures up to 200ºF. It is best to avoid contact with very hot containers and flames to protect it from damage.
  • Stain Resistant: The surface is highly resistant to stains and the toughest spots of dirt can be removed easily. The seamless finish makes it a lot easier to clean than regular surfaces.
  • Stain and Water Resistance: The smooth surface of the corian material keeps it protected from stains and water, and even hard water marks can be removed using cleaning gels. 

Process of Getting Corian

Call/Meeting: Call us to schedule a meeting, in which we will discuss the size and design of the materials, and then provide you with soft copies of the proposed designs.

Quotation: If you decide to stick with us for the work you need, we will provide you with a price quote for the design and materials.

Deliver: We deliver the materials in the timeframe we discussed.

Client Testimonials

Decided to chose a Corian company instead, and I have to say you and eye knows this material better than anyone else in the market.

Since you and eye is the best-known Corian company in Dubai, I got my office paneling done by them,