Kiosks & Display Stands

Kiosk Display Stand Manufacturers

You and eye has an impressive amount of experience with the design and manufacturing of interactive kiosks design and display stands as well. These kinds of stands are usually used in malls, and provide a colorful and interactive way for retail outlets to promote their brands. As one of the leading kiosk manufacturers in the market, we specialize in helping our clients deliver amazing customer experiences, and boost sales. 

Types of Display Stands

Touch Stands: Touch stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with several amazing functionalities. They combine portability and innovative interface with low cost.

Display Stands: Display stands are usually used in public places and advertisement spaces to grab the attention of visitors and shoppers. Their main purpose is to advertise and create awareness of a brand or company in the retail business. 

Main Features Kiosks in Dubai

Simple, Easy and Fast: Easy to use and interactive to reach out to people passing by.

User Friendly: Easy to use interface and high functionality for best user experience.

100% Secure: Software is protected to prevent user details and sensitive information from being affected.

Support Multiple Languages: Can be programmed to display several different languages for easy use. 

Support for Multiple Currencies: Payment options can be changed to include processing of many different major currencies. 

Customize Your Own Kiosk Design

Custom made kiosk designs are used by brands that take their marketing and promotion activities seriously, and also want customers to see the best of what they have to offer. Our superior custom kiosk design gives you the ability to choose the enclosure and kiosk theme.

E- Government Solution: Custom kiosk designs can prove to be very useful to connect the public users with official departments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Banking Solution: Kiosk devices in banks can save your time by printing tokens, receipts, depositing cheques, and a lot more.   

Telecom Solution: Pay post-paid bills, request a SIM, get value added services, buy prepad cards, and do much more without waiting for the counter to be freed. 

Process of Getting Signage

Call/Meeting: Meet us and tell us about the size, design, and functions you want in your custom or standard kiosk, after which we will provide you with a soft copy of the designs.

Quotation: If you decide you like the designs we shared, we will give you a price quote of our services.

Deliver: We will then deliver the devices we agreed upon in the amount of time you request. 

Client Testimonials

Custom kiosks in Dubai are a great way to reduce unnecessary costs and make a great case for automation of many human functions. - Daniel

Definitely one of the best display stand manufacturers in Dubai. - Ayra