Our kiosk are award winning. With a full in-house production suite, we are you go-to creative production house to create your kiosks and display stands.

We have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to make a difference to your retail experience.

From simple accessories kiosks to intricate food kiosks and retail mall stand-alone units; we design and build and offer invaluable suggestions on a maximum utilization of the limited space available.

You and eye have an impressive amount of experience with the design and manufacturing of kiosks design. These kinds of stands are usually used in malls, and provide a colorful and interactive way for retail outlets to promote their brands. As one of the leading kiosk manufacturers in the market, we specialize in helping our clients deliver amazing customer experiences, and boost sales.

We specialize in:

Retail Mall Kiosk

Mall retail display are mall used small shops install in the middle of the shopping center. Retail mall kiosks are an integral part of store design and customer experience. Visual appearance and ease of use are critical for any kiosk design. Our innovative designers consider the kiosk floor position, material to be used, touch height, tip-over force, durability, reliability among other factors while designing the kiosks.

Outdoor Retail Kiosk

Outdoor kiosk business are becoming more and more popular in recent years. There are many good business locations that You can start an outdoor kiosk, Such as on the beach, in the commercial plaza, airport or train stations etc. Outdoor kiosk business are mainly focus on providing products & service for people in needs.  Therefore, many business you can start within an outdoor booth kiosk.

Food and Beverage Service Kiosk

Food kiosks have become a popular way for companies to enhance their retail revenue. Whether it is a small enterprise that cannot afford to operate a traditional retail outlet or a big business that simply wants to expand its customer base, food kiosks offer a number of unique advantages. Setting up shop in these kinds of unusual locations allows business to reach customers who might not be able to visit traditional stores.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are self-service solutions that provide audiences with engaging digital content and information through a user-friendly interface. This type of self-service solution has many uses and benefits, and can be used for a variety of purposes including retail sales, bill payment via cash or credit, way finding, tourism, information sharing and more.

At You and Eye, we do more than just produce signs, we make a statement about you and your business.